We all understand the theory, but how do we turn it into reality?

Back in 1985, Jafar Seraji began with the manufacturing of basic units, including fixtures and tools, which would be assembled into Special Purpose Machines and within a few months, he was producing various special machinery. The orders started coming in and soon, his first transfer machine was delivered to the market. In the 90`s, AtlaMachine Aria became a well-known manufacturer of Special and Multi Purpose CNC Machines in Iran

By the turn of the century, Atlas Machine Aria was the market leader for the production of special machinery with the emphasis on Chip Removal Machinery employed in the fields of Metallurgy, Steel Manufacturing, Turning, Milling, Boring, Tapping, Reaming, Chamfering, Threading, Facing, Deburring, Trimming, Peeling and Straightening

More than 350 Special and Multi Purpose Machines, Transfer Lines, Single and Multi Spindle Machining Centers, CNC Vertical Turning Machines, Automatic Feeding Lines and many other simple and sophisticated machines and lines have been produced in the recent years.

Depending on the machine type, Atlas Machine Aria can produce about 50 different type of machines per year.

The exchange of opinion and brain storming between groups of experienced engineers and expert technicians leads to the most interesting ideas. Often,thesolutiontoone problem could be adapted to resolve the problems in other fields.



At Atlas Machine Aria, the Engineering Department represents the heart of operations. In order to follow the continuous evolutions in automated assemblies, the department uses the most sophisticated instrumentation and software for the design, development and production of Technical Documentation for each part and component of every single machine.

Complicated problems drive our Engineering Mentality through the application of High Tech Standards and Advanced Technologies.

Our experts in Machining Technology can plan and optimize the entire machining process, identify weak points and guarantee improved machining capacity.

According to the idea of “TOTAL QUALITY” and culture of the company`s staff, the mechanical  components of the machine are controlled in our factory and the subgroups are checked and assembled following strict pre-established procedures. The machine itself, undergoes rigid and scrupulous Quality Controls once the final assembly has been completed, thus guaranteeing a faultless final product, entirely in accordance with Customer’s specification and State of Art Production. No wonder the company has been awarded the IQNET (ISO 9001 : 2008) Certification for Quality.